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CBL30 – Schedule/Results

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3/2/2022RFK8:00 PMScary HoursBing Bong Bing Bong 79, Scary Hours 58
3/2/2022RFK9:00 PM99 ProblemsAutobots Autobots 66, 99 Problems 59
3/3/2022RFK8:00 PMAfghan BallersDecepticons Afghan Ballers 69, Decepticons 53
3/3/2022RFK9:00 PMCookie MonstersEastside Ballers Cookie Monsters 63, Eastside Ballers 61
3/3/2022RFK10:00 PMFamilyImaan Family 60, Imaan 58
3/9/2022RFK8:00 PMBing BongEastside Ballers Bing Bong 73, ESB 55
3/9/2022RFK9:00 PMScary HoursImaan Imaan 60, Scary Hours 58
3/10/2022RFK8:00 PMFamilyDecepticons Family 67, Decepticons 56
3/10/2022RFK9:00 PMOgz99 Problems  99 Problems 59, OGz 58
3/10/2022RFK10:00 PMAfghan BallersCookie Monsters Afghan Ballers 75, Cookie Monsters 67
3/16/2022RFK8:00 PM99 ProblemsScary Hours 99 Problems 83, Scary Hours 76
3/16/2022RFK9:00 PMBing BongFamily Family 65, Bing Bong 59
3/17/2022RFK8:00 PMCookie Monsters Decepticons Cookie Monsters Win
3/17/2022RFK9:00 PMOgzAutobots Autobots Win
3/17/2022RFK10:00 PMEastside BallersAfghan Ballers Afghan Ballers Win
3/23/2022RFK8:00 PM99 Problems Bing Bong Bing Bong 92, 99 Problems 54
3/23/2022RFK9:00 PMCookie MonstersFamily Cookie Monsters 63, Family 62
3/24/2022RFK8:00 PMDecepticonsEastside Ballers Decepticons 67, ESB 42
3/24/2022RFK9:00 PMAfghan BallersAutobots Afghan Ballers 63, ABs 57
3/24/2022RFK10:00 PMImaanOgz Ogz 77, Imaan 61
3/30/2022RFK8:00 PMFamily99 Problems  99 Problems 64, family 48
3/30/2022RFK9:00 PMBing BongAutobots BingBong 75, ABs 67
3/31/2022RFK8:00 PMAfghan BallersOgz Afghan Ballers 75, Gz 62
3/31/2022RFK9:00 PMFamilyEastside Ballers Family Wins
3/31/2022RFK10:00 PMImaanDecepticons Imaan Wins
5/4/2022RFK8:00 PMDecepticonsBing Bong Bing Bong 64, Decepitcons 50
5/4/2022RFK9:00 PMCookie MonstersAutobots Cookie Monstes 70, Autobots 63
5/5/2022RFK8:00 PMOgzScary Hours OGz 102, Scary Hours 52
5/5/2022RFK9:00 PMEastside BallersImaan Imaan Wins Via forfeit
5/5/2022RFK10:00 PMAfghan BallersFamily Afghan Ballers Win
5/11/2022RFK8:00 PMScary HoursAfghan BallersScary Hours 59, Afghan Ballers 56
5/11/2022RFK9:00 PMOgzFamilyFamily 59, OGz 56
5/12/2022RFK8:00 PMDecepticonsScary Hours Scary Hours 69, Decepticons 63
5/12/2022RFK9:00 PMImaanAfghan Ballers Afghan Ballers 91, Imaan 62
5/12/2022RFK10:00 PMAutobotsEastside Ballers Aoutobots 59, Eastside Ballers 55
5/18/2022RFK8:00 PM99 Problems Imaan 99Problems Win
5/18/2022RFK9:00 PMDecepticonsOgz OGz Win
5/19/2022RFK8:00 PMCookie MonstersScary Hours Cookie Monsters 105, Scary Hours 86
5/19/2022RFK9:00 PMBing BongAfghan Ballers Afghan Ballers 79, Bing Bong 58
5/19/2022RFK10:00 PMDecepticons99 Problems  Decepticons 68, 99 Problems 555
5/25/2022RFK8:00 PM99 Problems Cookie Monsters 99 Problems win via forfeit
5/25/2022RFK9:00 PMBing BongImaan Bing Bong 83, Imaan 76
5/26/2022RFK8:00 PMEastside BallersOgz OGz win via forfeit
5/26/2022RFK9:00 PMFamilyScary Hours Scary Hours 80, The Family 75
5/26/2022RFK10:00 PMDecepticonsAutobots Autobots 69, Decepticons 60
6/1/2022RFK8:00 PMCookie MonstersBing Bong Cookie Moonsters 83, Bing Bong 69
6/1/2022RFK9:00 PMFamilyAutobots Family 84, Autobots 81
6/2/2022RFK8:00 PMOGzCookie Monsters OGz 70, Bing Bong 68
6/2/2022RFK9:00 PMEastside Ballers99 Problems  Eastside Ballers 61, 99 Problems 45
6/2/2022RFK10:00 PMScary HoursAutobots Autobots 83, Scary Hours 79
6/8/2022RFK8:00 PM Cookie Monsters Imaan Cookie Monsters Win
6/8/2022RFK9:00 PMAfghan Ballers99 Problems Afghan Ballers Win
6/9/2022RFK8:00 PMAutobotsImaan Autobots Win
6/9/2022RFK9:00 PMBing BongOgz OGz Win
6/9/2022RFK10:00 PMScary HoursEastside Ballers Scary Hours Win
6/15/2022RFK8:00 PMRd 1  
6/15/2022RFK9:00 PMRd 1  
6/16/2022RFK8:00 PMRd 1  
6/16/2022RFK9:00 PMRd 1  
6/16/2022RFK10:00 PMRd 1  
6/22/2022RFK8:00 PMSemis  
6/22/2022RFK9:00 PMSemis  
6/23/2022RFK8:00 PMFinals  

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