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CBL-E – Standings & Stats

CBL Expendables.  A diverse and relaxed division consisting of average-to-above average talent but with the same competitive fire as the pros.

STANDINGS (updated as of 9/19/22 Games)

1Black OPs617Won 6
2Panthers516Won 2
3Blue Lions527Won 4
4The Herbs527Won 2
5Fire Squad538Won 2
6Ed, Edd, and Eddys549Lost 2
7The Bros437Lost 2
8Good Vibes 448Won 1
9Kings of Queens347Lost 1
10Kareem & Sugar347Won 1
11LI/NJ Goons 347Won 2
12Team Flight189Lost 7
13Sultans099Lost 9

STATS – Updated as of 8/4/2022 Games

Amrit MarajThe Bros211.
Tayeb HassanThe Bros313.712.36.31.3
Sayeed GulmohamedThe Bros36.
Jay PalThe Bros318.
Ibrhaim SiddiquiThe Bros35.
Khalil UllahThe Bros35.
Hamza SiddiquiThe Bros25.
Zian KhanThe Herbs414.
Imran AhmedThe Herbs43.
Ridwan ChoudhuryThe Herbs41.
Nafi MazidThe Herbs42.
Saleem KhanThe Herbs42.
Mujahid SubhanThe Herbs27.
Idrees AttarebThe Herbs47.
Thomas CollisonThe Herbs321.
Dimitris DimitropoulosKings of Queens216.
Ali KhalidKings of Queens35.
Mohibul HaqueKings of Queens35.
Jiaul NoorKings of Queens36.
Taco ParvezKings of Queens27.
RalphKings of Queens15.
Sarfaraz HussainKings of Queens312.
Arvin TharcharaKings of Queens32.
Adham AliTeam Flight49.
Wajdy AliTeam Flight42.
Kevin CheverraTeam Flight415.
Helal AlsaidiTeam Flight18.
Al Nouman AlsaidiTeam Flight22.
Raheeb AlsaidiTeam Flight00.
Bakeel AlsaidiTeam Flight39.
ArsalTeam Flight311.
AkramTeam Flight27.
BryanTeam Flight10.
HunnyTeam Flight10.
LawrenceTeam Flight10.
Blesson GeorgeFire Squad317.
Nav SinghFire Squad25.
Talha HashmiFire Squad15.
Talha ShahnawazFire Squad37.
JonFire Squad38.
DonFire Squad31.
Zulqarnain HussainiFire Squad312.
FahadFire Squad21.
Henry ChenKareem and Sugar211.
Mohamin ShahKareem and Sugar31.
Zunnair SabirKareem and Sugar33.
Khurrum ChaudhryKareem and Sugar10.
Talha ShahKareem and Sugar20.
SalihounKareem and Sugar320.
Chris BenjaminKareem and Sugar319.
Josh  Kareem and Sugar114.
Ihsan NabizadaGV44.
Muhammad UsmanGV416.
Safwan ManjooGV36.
Saad RanaGV414.
Khalid AhmedGV314.
Mustafa MianGV48.
Farhad KhanLI/NJ Goons410.
Zain AbdeenLI/NJ Goons416.811.04.31.3
Adnan WassemLI/NJ Goons32.
Atif HoqueLI/NJ Goons414.
Hasan KhanLI/NJ Goons13.
Haseeb SikanderLI/NJ Goons37.
Hamza FurqanLI/NJ Goons20.
Ferrukh GhauriLI/NJ Goons10.
Omar SalamaPanthers310.
Muzz HafeezPanthers46.
Gurdeep SinghPanthers46.
Maaz BegawalaPanthers212.510.00.50.5
Ehtishamul NoorPanthers38.
Hasan KamalPanthers45.
Josh PavareeshPanthers415.
Mohammad SiddiquiEd Edd and Eddys
Sabeen SiddiquiEd Edd and Eddys
Jeansley SilienEd Edd and Eddys
Philip McfarlaneEd Edd and Eddys 411.
Sharif MayanEd Edd and Eddys 411.
RavEd Edd and Eddys
Anirudh ChintakuntaEd Edd and Eddys
KennyEd Edd and Eddys
Hussain ArifSultans47.
Mohammad Momin QadriSultans42.
Omar QureshiSultans410.
Shaarif AhsaanSultans43.
Waris BarakzaiSultans25.
Afzal SyedSultans36.
Kalimullah NasserySultans22.
Mohammad Taha QadriSultans110.
Jack SchattenSultans210.
Umer SaleemBlack Ops37.
Asadullah ShahnawazBlack Ops37.
Yahya SaleemBlack Ops31.
Omar PatelBlack Ops12.
Danial AliBlack Ops34.
Alberto Black Ops318.
Marcus Black Ops311.
NashonBlack Ops33.
Wais SanzarBlue Lions36.
Shafiq FiazBlue Lions39.
Omar AbrahamBlue Lions210.
Shareef MehirdilBlue Lions319.
Tariq YasinBlue Lions310.
Munir TahirBlue Lions23.
Yamah OmarBlue Lions23.

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