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CYS Basketball

Welcome to the Crescent Youth Basketball Program. On this page, you will find schedule, standings, and rosters. Any specific questions, please contact the lead of the program at Stephen.

Standings Updated as of March 20, 2022

Basketball Bandits Riz336
Golden KnicksPulak/Boomer 336
The RepublicMoody/Merki246

Upcoming Schedule:

March 27, 2022 – Sunday 2pm, FINAL DAY. Venue: Sky Is the Limit, 5600 Old Sunrise Highway, Massapequa, LI

Final Day Format – Based On Final Seedings — 1vs4, 2vs3:

No one is allowed on the court other than the players and referees. NO EXCEPTIONS

Rd 1, First Team to Score 7 Pts Wins: G1, Warriors vs. The Republic. G2, Basketball Bandits vs. Golden Knicks.

Final Game, First Team to Score 11 Pts Wins: The 2 Winning Teams from Rd 1 will play for the Season 1 Championship.

Final Game Rules: All stats will be tracked. Each Team will Receive 5 timeouts total. There will be 2 official stoppages at the referee’s discretion.

All fouls and basketball violations will be called within reason to the referee’s discretion. There will be a 5 fouls per player maximum.

Scoring will result from made baskets only. There will be no foul shots, and 1″s, or 2 or 3 pt shots.

Team must win by 2 points. If not, the game will continue until a team wins by 2 points.

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