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CBL Ballers Division – Schedule & Results

DateGymTimeTeam NameTeam NameResult
12/3/20222178:00pmFire SquadDecepticonsDecepticons Win
12/3/20222179:00pmThe PhantomsJellySpottersJellySpotters Win
12/3/202221710:00pmFM CrewCold HeartsCold Hearts Win
12/3/202221711:00pmHammer TimeHamza HawksHamza Hawks
12/10/20222178:00pmHamza HawksAvengers Hamza Hawks Win
12/10/20222179:00pmDecepticonsCold HeartsCold Hearts Win
12/10/202221710:00pmHSWSMFFire SquadHSWSMF Win
12/10/202221711:00pmFM CrewThe PhantomsTBD
12/17/20222178:00pm FM Crew Avengers FM Crew Win
12/17/20222179:00pmDecepticonsHSWSMFHSWSMF Win
12/17/202221710:00pmCold Hearts Hamza Hawks Hamza Hawks Win
12/17/202221711:00pmFire SquadThe PhantomsThe Phantoms
1/7/20232178:00pmAvengersCold HeartsCold Hearts Win
1/7/20232179:00pmHSWSMFThe PhantomsHSWSMF Win
1/7/202321710:00pmJellySpotters  FM Crew JellySpotters Win
1/7/202321711:00pmDecepticonsHammer TimeHammer Time
1/14/20232178:00pmHammer TimeJellySpottersHammer Time Win
1/14/20232179:00pmDecepticonsAvengersDecepticons Win
1/14/202321710:00pm FM Crew Fire Squad FM Crew Win
1/14/202321711:00pmHSWSMF Hamza Hawks Hamza Hawks Win
1/28/20232179:00pmFire SquadCold Hearts 
1/28/202321710:00pmThe PhantomsAvengers 
1/28/202321711:00pm HSWSMF  
1/28/20232178:00pmJellySpotters Avengers JellySpotters 58, Avengers 31
1/28/20232179:00pmHammer TimeFire Squad Hammertime 60, Fire Squad 39
1/28/202321710:00pmCold HeartsThe Phantoms Cold Hearts 60, Phantoms 36
1/28/202321711:00pmHamza Hawks FM Crew   Hamza Hawks 59, FM Crew 55
2/4/20232178:00pmJellySpottersCold Hearts Jelly spotters over cold hearts 53-42
2/4/20232179:00pmSultansDecepticons Decepticons defeat Hamza Hawks
2/4/202321710:00pmHSWSMF FM Crew  HSWSMF defeat FM Crew
2/4/202321711:00pmThe PhantomsHammer Time Hammer Time 61, The Phantoms 52
 2/5/23 RFK 6:00 PM The Phantoms  FM Crew The Phantoms over FM Crew 62-58
2/11/20232178:00pmAvengersHammer Time Avengers 61, Hammertime 39
2/11/20232179:00pm FM Crew Decepticons Decepticons 65, FM Crew 62
2/11/202321710:00pm Hamza Hawks Fire Squad Hamza Hawks 46, Fire Squad 29
2/11/202321711:00pmHSWSMFJellySpotters Jelly Spotters 64 HSWSMF 42,
2/18/20232178:00pmDecepticons Jelly Spotters  Decepticons 55, Jelly Spotters 50
2/18/20232179:00pmCold Hearts Fire Squad  Cold Hearts 64, Fire Squad 58
2/18/202321710:00pmAvengers The Phantoms  Avengers 63, Phantoms 45
2/18/202321711:00pmHSWSMFHammertime  Hammertime 70, HSWSMF, 57
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