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CBL Retro Wildcard Game

Here we are again. It’s time to repeat one of our favorite crescent sayings. Every member has a shot. Two teams who have struggled this season still have the chance to take on the giants that is Clutch with a win here. Guardians vs Tigers.

For the guardians this is nothing new, they have yet to grab that elusive win in Retro but have shown a lot of spark when they have all their roster in place. The Tigers, oh how the mighty have fallen. From one bucket away from a championship to the play in game. That’s parity. The Kamil and Dev squad have just struggled especially to close-out close games.

We think the Guardians will try to run and gun there way to a win. Led by Waqas and Syed shooting, the slashing of Aqib and the defense of Usman they can give the Tigers trouble with athleticism. The Tigers have a simple path to winning, keep Dev on the floor. They look like two different teams when he is on and off. If he can give them 30-35 minutes they should win but that’s a big if now that Father Time has caught up to Dev.

Our official prediction is Tigers 48 Guardians 45 but there would be no surprise at all if Guardians shock the world for their first W ever.

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