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OGz 3.0 vs Uncle Drew 8:30pm – TONIGHT

Welcome to the end of the road folks it’s do or die tonight and someones going to be going home happy and another crying. We have friends and rivals matched up tonight so expect high emotions. Let us proceed!!!!

Apron vs Alonso R
Finally a neutrals time to be excited about basketball. These two young men bring the high octane offense with some beautiful ways of scoring the basketball. Abdel(Apron) likes to compare himself to Rajon Rondo and we can see why. He has the ability to rack up the triple doubles if he wishes and he’s the leader on the fast break off of a defensive rebound. What he lacks in a jump-shot he makes up with timely steals and layups. If he comes in to this game locked in and ready to run it’s trouble for Uncle Drew. With Zo you get what you see, flash, brash and cash at the rim. He can do it all,he’s poised and a veteran in the game of basketball so this ain’t new for him. One change for him this season is having to play both sides of the ball of which can take a toll we notice. His ability to hit the deep three ball opens up the floor and forces the defense to play high which can lead to easy corner threes for his team. For Apron it’s all about tempo once that gets set they can dictate the direction of the game. In this matchup we have to give the slight nudge to Zo do to his years of played basketball and competition. Winner: Zo

Azal Vs Bryan
This should be interesting if they do decide to play one another on defense. Azal comes in as the veteran with the rough season but that’s ok because he’s in the finals so all is erased. Bryan comes off of a ok semifinal’s showing and has the ability to be the best player on the floor. In order for Uncle Drew to win this matchup we need to see 2015 Azal who could lock up MJ if he wanted. Offensively we still don’t believe Azal has found that touch but on this night anything can happen just ask Ali Ladak. Bryan can turn the game on it’s head at any moment if he so wishes. He has the ability to shoot, dribble and rebound which makes him a threat at all times on the floor. We don’t think this is a tough choice as we feel Azal brings one side of the skill set(defense) whereas Bryan can do it all once the aggression kicks in. Winner: Bryan

Saleh Vs Mark
Boy oh boy does Saleh look like the player of the post season. He’s averaging over 20 points and over 7 rebounds and doing It at the right time. Mark is showing us his shooting talent from outside as-well with nearly 40% shooting from beyond the arc. We saw Saleh come out firing in the semis and it was beautiful to watch. He did not let Stan of the Autobots get in his head as he shot the lights out from beyond the arc. Saleh sprinkled in some post moves and euro steps and into the finals he made it. Mark tore up Imaan from 3 in the semis and made sure to loudly let them know. The key for him is defense and if he can lock in that may swing the game for OGZ. We’ve yet to see him use his size down-low which has us questioning why not? Remember it’s clock stoppage tonight and Saleh better be ready because if he empties out his tank early then Uncle Drew maybe in trouble. With that being said we believe youth and not having kids helps Saleh and Uncle Drew. Winner: Saleh

Jamal vs Mehdi
This looks like the mismatch of the night. We don’t expect Mehdi to guard Jamal but we also can’t see who else would try. Jamal has been on fire this post season and who can blame him? He’s been taking high negative criticism all season about his lackluster game. I guess he’s been listening because he’s been on a tear! He’s averaging over 20points this postseason which bodes well for OGZ. For Mehdi it’s more the same.. space the floor, get to the ball and make the layup. His ability to hit the midrange Jumper maybe key to pulling out the defenders under the basket as that gives Saleh and Zo driving capabilities. Personally we don’t see Mehdi shutting Jamal down because Jamal is out to get what he wants and that’s the coveted CBL trophy. We expect Jamal to go off and possibly get the MVP nod of this finals game! Winner: Jamal

The battle of the ones:
Kamil/Talha/Sammi Vs Tayeb/Amjed
This could be a draw if you think about it but it isn’t. The ones for both sides have played superb this post season and it ain’t a shocker if you ask some. The slight change tonight is going to be the addition of Kaptain Kamil into the lineup. With him in there we don’t think it helps OGZ unless they hide him well on defense or he fouls himself out in the first 5 minutes. (He would do it). Tayeb and Amjed are hustlers and 3 point snipers and that helps a lot against slower guys. We know Talha can hold his own but he’s injured and sammi is inconsistent but if he shows up like the last game UD may be frustrated. We see Tayeb and Amjed helping UD more than the other three. Winner: Uncle Drew

So here it is the last game of post Covid-19 2021 CBL season. Guess what Kaptain Kamil is apart of it again and not many folks are happy. Some would say he tricked the league again and others would say what’s new?! Well he’s here so let’s enjoy it no matter what. For Zia he’s been here and he’s definitely going to have his guys prepared. He can’t play which is a big blow for them but health is wealth. We believe that the OGZ have 3 top 10 players in the league on the team and that says a lot. Sadly for the league and Uncle Drew the team is now firing on all cylinders. Uncle Drew need to answer the question who are they ok with going off and who should be stopped? It’s pick your poison now. We believe this game will done in the second half last 4 minutes.

OGZ will be too much to handle on defense and WILL run away with the game: 77-70 OGZ JAMAL MVP.

Updated: December 13, 2021 — 6:06 pm
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