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Retro Finals Preview

Tigers Vs Replacements- Championship 12/7/21 8:30pm JHS 217

Here we are. The conclusion of the longest season of Retro to date. In what has been our most competitive season yet the top two seeds have managed to make the finals despite some close calls. Tigers led by Kaptain Kamil and MVP candidate Dev narrowly escaped a crazy upset attempt by the Guardians to take down Tower in another close game to get to the final game. Replacements on the other side had an even tougher task. After dealing with Clutch they lost their MVP candidate Ali for the semis and had a hobbling Zia trying his best to make it up and down the floor. In the end Sajid was the key to taking out Muzz and the Panthers. This should be one of our most exciting finals yet, lets get into the matchups.

Kamil vs Zia: Usually this would be a closer matchup than it probably is right now. The status of Zia’s knee is unknown so while Kamil isn’t the player he once was he has shown he can lead his team to victory by making clutch baskets. The difference here could be the three point shooting. Kamil is streaky while Zia tends to be more consistent from deep. Advantage: Tigers

Sajid vs Daud: These are two very different players. Sajid is all energy and fire. He riles up himself and his teammates with feisty defense, killer shooting and cold blooded game sealing free throws. Daud on the other hand is a stoic old school style guard. He likes a slower pace and is always steady in his decisions. He is a steady shooter but his offense is really limited other than that. The thing he provides most for Tigers is an unmatched IQ and steadiness when they need it.  Advantage: Replacements

Shani vs Idrees: One CBL OG and one youngster who has played his fair share of CBL games. Both play a smaller role on their teams but are relied on to draw attention away from the main stars. Idrees being younger provides a little more of a spark for when Replacements want to run the floor. Shani however has been in as many big games as anyone in Retro. The moment won’t be too big for him. This game could come down to which of these guys are making their threes. Advantage: Even

Yusuf vs Malik: Two big men who play an old school game, they feast on rebounds and low post scoring. Malik can provide a little range with a smooth free throw line jumper whereas Yusuf is a bit more intimidating down low. He is a consistent double double guy but Malik showed when missing Ali Khalid last week that he can be trusted to carry a scoring load. Two very similar players with similar roles for their team. Advantage: Even

Dev vs Ali Khalid: The matchup of the night. The headline performers. This is what people came to see. Two top MVP candidates going at it. Dev has had to carry the Tigers along at a lot of points this season. He has the softest touch in the league, good hands and still intimidates down low with his imposing frame. Ali Khalid on the other side is younger and will try to out hustle Dev to do his scoring. He has a motor that goes for forty minutes and has shown that he has the potential to score in bunches. The difference here may be whether Ali can make his layups and if Dev can hold up for the full game.Advantage: Tigers


The Tigers have the clear advantage here if Abir is healthy. He has been a scoring machine all season. They also have Farooq who if used correctly plays hard defense and can provide a spark off the bench. For the replacements if Ali Mian can give Zia some time to rest and replace some of his shooting that could be a huge deal.
In what should be a pretty even matchup throughout we see the Tigers escaping with another close win, 58-55.

Updated: December 7, 2021 — 7:57 pm
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