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CBL30 Previews/Predictions: Week 7

Good Day Everyone!

As CBL30 Comes down to the homestretch, there are many possibilities from seeds 1-6. The good news is that every team makes the playoffs. But this is CBL, no one wants pity.

Here is a preview of today’s games. There appears to be some exciting match-ups on paper.

G1, 8:00 pm, Imaan (3-1) vs Bachem (1-3)The first game gives us a matchup that should be interesting because of guard play on both sides and what Bachem bring forth in trying to stop Mike L. Imaan are coming off a bye in which it gave three players a chance to heal up from injuries. Bachem are coming off a tough loss to OGz. We believe Mike L will get his way with the opponent,the best a team can do is pray he doesn’t go for 50pts. The key matchup will be MoeH vs Daniel Cheema. Physical defending vs fast twitch offense. It’s DC that gets Bachem rolling with his high uptempo play and deadly outside shooting. We know Moeh can guard 1 through 5 but he now must try to stay infront of DC and force him to do what he doesnt like. We expect Moe to full court press and deny the ball as usual frustrating DC. Mike goes for 32pts in a closely contested game and Imaan steals the win. 58-54 Imaan


G2, 9:00 pm, Ogz3.0 (2-2) vs CBB (3-1)  – Well Kamil might not know it but this is a huge gave for his OGZ team. They are coming off a great team win and look as if the wheels are rolling! He knows that cousin SY is on the opposite bench seething at the opportunity to stomp on his hopes of winning and is why the intensity for this game will be high! Abdel had a lackluster performance last week but had the help of Bryan & Jamal. We believe Abdel returns to form tonight as he’ll look to fluster his good friend Taha. As for CBB they look comfortable in they’re jerseys and that might spell trouble for OGZ.  Taha put on a show with a mailman like layup and Curry like shooting clinic. Big man Sonny was a point shy off his normal double double(the basket kept being moved). Brother Jalal worked the boards in what was a tough shooting night. With all that said Captain Sy was out with a finger injury(stacked squad) We believe he’s a GTD. Both of these teams are firing on all cylinders and coming off of wins the decision to pick a winner is tough. By small chance of an attendance hiccup against OGz we believe that Taha and company will pull this win out.  76-77 CBB in OT

G3, 10:00 pm, Uncle drew(2-3)vs Afghan Ballers(3-2) – What a lackluster performance by Uncle Drew last week. Not having all players didn’t help the cause and not having a system as well hurt. We saw them setting up plays pregame but not to be seen used during. Listen they went up against a respectable opponent(Panthers). Alonzo played superb but other than that it was a game to forget.  Tonight they have a chance to redeem themselves and make a statement. The statement to be made is against the Afghan Ballers and if Nafi has his say “it ain’t happening son.” The ballers are ready to get this two game win streak going, they beat the Autobots in a physical game last week, just ask Stan or Mike the Reff! The matchup for this game will be Alonzo vs whoever thinks they can contain him not stop him but contain him(good luck). For the Ballers we need to see Haroun and Bieber step up and help Nafi, being nice and calm is great but some passion would be better. With this in mind we feel if the Afghans can get out on the break and finish the second offensive rebounds Nafi grabs for them this game will be over by the second half. Afghan Ballers 68-60

Updated: November 8, 2021 — 4:11 pm
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