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CBL30 Report Cards – by Slappy White — updated

11-7-21: We are nearing the playoff’s and that means the end of the season so you know what that means? It’s time for midseason grading! So grab your coffee or your pumpkin spice latte and perch up on your chair. It’s time for some cold hard facts.

Uncle Drew(2-3)
This team is an enigma one week we have stellar play the next week we’re not sure what they’re doing. It’s led by a superstar combo guard in Alonzo Robinson who sometime looks as if the game of basketball is nothing but a run to him. Does this team have championship caliber players…possibly, does this team have shooters yes, the real question is does this team have the will to win? And it’s with that question we wonder what is it that they need to play harder, what source of motivation are they missing? Watching from afar it feels like this team is playing four on five some weeks as point guard Azal seems flustered and not in sync with himself or the game. With that being said this puts more pressure on Alonzo to do the scoring and the dishing. They’re role players are fine when called upon. Yet it seems as if they’re big isn’t being used to the best of his abilities. With Mehdi averaging nearly a double double Uncle Drew should be better. We know SF Saleh Ahmed is desperate to prove himself. He’s been working on his game during the off time but weve yet to see him be consistent. Once he does this team will take off. Grade B-

Certified Baller Boys (3-1)
Stacked comes to mind when we listen to the likes of other players not on this team. Are they really? Well we do know that they have brothers Taha & Jalal who are overseas pro players and that’s a plus for any team. If you ask anyone in CBL one guy won’t win you a chip not even a pro. With that in mind we know Taha is a proven winner and cbl champ so he won’t back down at all. Rookie big man Sonny is here for the first time and can be relied upon if the ball isn’t going in from three he’s as solid as they come. SG Jalal is a streaky shooter from the games we’ve seen but he’ll get his points one way or another. Add with that Taimur, cbls last standing beared brother and good luck beating them. We see from watching this team their only weakness maybe themselves. This is a team that can have five guys in double figures on any night. They can also get lost in the awe of Taha and his dribbling ways. We know we’re in a three point taking era but does it always have to be one? If they can figure out what type of system they are most strong in then the opponents will have long CBL nights. Well leave that up to Captain Sy. Grade A-

Imaan (3-1)
They have Mike Liander case closed. No no no in all seriousness this team is well built but is they’re depth going to be the reason to they’re demise? Yes I’m saying having to many players maybe an issue for them. We can say that positions one through five are as good as it gets. The glaring issue is they went from 30 point wins to barley squeaking by. Told you cbl ain’t that easy. Mike has dominated cbl and has the chips and MVPs to show it. He’s also had former teammates who were stars and that says a lot. What this team provides him is the ball and a whole lot of defense. With the likes of MoeH & Ish teams cannot be lazy with the basketball because they will take it. You add in a fit Jose and Safraz and you have yourself a stellar team. Captain Tariq with his 3pt shot and rebounding spreads the floor for Mike to work and be himself. One thing we noticed when watching this team so far is that they seem to get complacent running the same play over and over which makes they’re offense 3 vs 5 and they may not bode well when playing top teams. They’re only loss was to CBB but Imaan would tell you they cost themselves that game. This team is built for the playoffs and Mike L is built to win at all costs. Grade: A-

Autobots (0-5)
One word..HELP! Unfortunately the Autobots have yet to get a win under their belt and it sucks. Speaking of belts they still have the CBL belt and the trophy I think it’s time to pass it around for some motivation. Darnell where are you? Since his departure the Autobots just aren’t the same. All other players made their returns but let’s just say in a whole different shape. We’ve yet to see the Dre of old and without him this team may not get back to par. Dezz is back and doing his thing but seems to be frustrated by the refs, once he locks in good luck stopping him. With Stan down low opponents can’t get to the basketball at will. He’s physical and gritty and will deff let you know that you suck. The role palyers are sub par and do what they have to for the team. Captain Fahad shoots with confidence but sometimes barely touches the rim..remember just because you get the ball it doesn’t mean automatically to shoot. This team lacks leadership and hunger every monday night. One word comes to mind (fun) they need to start having that again and all will be well. Losing close games sucks but sometimes you can only blame yourself. We believe with Mr.Ager at the point and attendance full they will make a second half run. Grade D

Panthers (5-0)
Did they fool the commissioners? Many age and talent questions have been asked about this team and we can see why. Don’t lose a game, have no weakness & beat Kamil those are reasons for everyone to Komplain. The fact of the matter is this team comes to play every night as if it’s the finals matchup. They play for one another and each other. They do the little things best, diving for loose balls, hustling, talking and game planning. The addition of Terrance to this team has put them over the top but blame Kamil for that not the Panthers. Captain Muzz has built a team of players not individuals and their positive attitudes and lack of egos shows in their record. We don’t believe they will go undefeated as they haven’t played against the top tier of CBL yet. But hey remember no undefeated team got past the first round so you may not want the pressure. Point guard Christian has been a meance on defense and sets the tempo to start games. Sprinkle in some Mazz and Nasif and you have yourself offense. The addition of Josh Core has been great even in his limited minutes (MCL). We just want to see this team vs bigger opponents as they are guard heavy. All in all stellar for the first half of the season. Don’t forget there still is another half to go. Grade A

Bachem (1-3)
Their main culprit is attendance really. Watching them you can see skill and talent when they are in the gym. Daniel Cheema is superb and fast that’s for sure but does he have the IQ? Pass when he shouldn’t, shoot when he shouldn’t, it’s tough we get it. What isn’t tough is believing in your skill set. With that said the rest of the team is set up well with a soild big man whose shorts may need some pulling down and a shooter in Ali Tariq who needs to be dragged to the gym(show up damn it). Kyle is back spinning to the basket and Adnans a daily presence. Were still looking to find the other Cheema brother who tends to be M.i.A (help, help,help). If this team can have full attendance and control the pace of games they will wreck CBL havoc against any team. We’ll be waiting to see this come to light. Grade C+

Afghan Ballers (3-2)
They deff stirred alot of talk in the off-season build up with their name and who was going to play. Their uniforms told us that they have been around the rodeo before and it was nothing new. Their game though told us otherwise unfortunately, rough beginnings. In CBL there will be growing pains but it’s how you fight through it that counts. We saw veteran big man Nafi let out those frustrations and belive you me he’s as kind as they come. With Bieber and Haroun at his disposal you can only wonder how they were down in the dumps but it’s their guard play that hasn’t lived up to the hype. Pg Shafi has had more open opportunities than farooqs penny bank accounts and they both can’t hit. Faiz was more worried about being a one than being the one to knock down open shots. As negative as I may sound about this team I’m not, I just expect more from them. They have seemed to turn the corner and possibly understand what works. If Nafi knows one thing it’s winning. Their second half run should be a storybook material! They have the ability to turn the game in seconds but what is their identity? Great shooters and a smooth Haroun that should be wins. Grade B-

OGZ 3.0 (2-2)
Say this with me 10 times fast, Kaptain Kamil Killed the Kompition Kuickly! This team should be OGZ 12.7 with all the changes they made but hey wth. With possibly the most rocky start the trigger to change players was pulled Kuick and if you know anything bout Kam he wants to win at all costs and we get it. Bye bye player 1, player 2 and player 3 that’s sorta how it went. He’s got Abdel, Bryan and Jamal as his core and that is championship material. He’s got Mark, Sammi and Talha as role players and that’s a plus. Do they have weaknesses yes! What are they (Kamil) and turnovers. Hold on to the ball it’s that simple also Talha watch Nerlens Noel …don’t be that guy!!!!! In other news the talent on this team is there they need they just need to be patient and trust one another that alone will take them up the standings. High expectations are great but being realistic is important. The team needs to feature Bryan because it’s his talent and skills that we see them being the best they can be! Get out and run it’s not that bad OGZ, in Apron we trust! Grade B+

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