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CBL30 10/25/21 Games Previews and Predictions

Well the power rankings dropped and some folks took offense and others accepted the facts. But like any day in CBL what’s basketball without some drama. Let’s dive into this week’s match-ups and predictions.

8pm-CBB (2-0) vs Panthers (3-0): PREVIEW: Sitting at the top of the CBL standings with a perfect record, the Panthers team has a big challenge on the horizon this week as they face their undefeated counterpart CBB. So far this season, the Panthers have controlled play, winning three consecutive games. However, the Baller Boys aren’t far behind as they are currently rank second in the standings. Some would say the Panthers are finally meeting soild competition and their toughest test yet. The Baller Boys are coming off two stellar wins against top 5 teams without superstar point guard Taha catching fire yet, scary thought huh? The best thing going for this team is that they are not dependent on one player rather they are like The Expendables on any given night you can get clipped by any one of them. One thing we know for sure though captain Sy is ready to take the top spot and best record. We expect these teams to come ready and battle for what they believe is their rightful spot. Captain Muzz has built a well rounded team for this season and won’t back down. His men give him 110% every night. This will be a battle of the guards that’s for sure. We see a high scoring but little defensive affair.  PREDICTION 76-64 CBB

9pm-Imaan (2-1) vs Uncle Drew (2-1): PREVIEW: Look what we have here best friend versus best friend, teammate verse teammate: Michael Liander vs Alonzo Robinson. Quickpoint these two guys have torched CBL together winning multiple chips & taking down stacked teams. But on this night they will be going up against one another. Imaan is coming off of a tough loss last week in which we saw Mike go for 25pts-25reb. Where as his counterpart Zo went for 25pts-6reb in a win. Unfortunately health is not on Imaans side with their big man forward Tariq out and a gtd today. We also hear chatter that others may be m.i.a. As for Uncle Drew we expect a hungry and ready team that want to climb up the standings to the top where they believe they should be. If they play anything like they did last week expect them to give Imaan a rude awakening. We saw Saleh Ahmed go off in the second half to carry his team to a hard fought win over Autobots. The question is will Zo continue his second half sluggish ways and be helped by his guys or will they faulter? For Mike and company who is going to step up? MoeH has been stellar on defense but any offense? Can Jose make open layups? Where has Safraz of week one gone? With so many questions and little answers we see Saleh lighting up Imaan as Zo gets the full court Harden treatment. PREDICTION 77-67 Uncle Drew

10pm-Afghan Ballers (2-1) vs Autobots (0-3): PREVIEW: One team is going to right the ship and it can either make or break their season. The Afghans come off a bye and can finally get back to winning If the yelling and finger pointing stops. Anyone find the beebs yet? Both him and his talent have been m.i.a and that’s hurting the ballers. The after hours chatter says this team more concerned about who should be a one rather who should be a leader. Haroun & Nafi need to corral the boys and show some sort of urgency.

The Autobots have another chance to get a win under their belts. Last week they showed great effort and resiliency but it was to little to late. If they can get full attendance from all members this will be one heck of a game. One unfortunate piece of news is that we cannot figure out who the leader of this team is? Time to step up Raheel!! We need to see Dre/John/Dezz and Stan on the floor at the same time and just like those machines they can transform the season. Urgency Autobots…it’s time to assemble! Just like Transformers we see Dre/John come to the rescue and get th Bots a first team win! PREDICTION 66-63 AUTOBOTS

REMINDER ONLY people that are vaccinated or can produce a negative test no greater than 24 hours are permitted to enter gym. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Updated: October 25, 2021 — 5:29 pm
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