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CBL30 Power Rankings

Power Rankings – Midpoint

1. Panthers 3-0: Not only are they undefeated and sit at first place with a 3-0 record but they look better every week as the season goes on. The best part about this team is that it is not reliant on one set player rather they get a contribution from each one of the guys that step on to the court. Their ball movement is superb and very unselfish they’re hunger, and tenacity shows on all the loose balls that they grab from missed shots. This team isn’t an easy out for their competition. Kudos to Captain Muzz and co-captain Maz

2. Certified Baller Boys 2-0: They are the real deal ladies and gentlemen they would take number one if not for the super play of the Panthers. These certified baller boys are 2-0 and they are number two in the power rankings because those two wins came against what we would call playoff opponents. They have a solid big man, great guard play and don’t like any IQ when it comes to having the ball in their hands. As of right now there aren’t any weaknesses if anything one Taha arrives this team may not lose a game.

3. Imaan 2-1: This was a tough spot, but it goes to team Imaan. They get the third spot because they have household names no no, they get the third spot because they faced competition and let’s not forget both those games were one by 20 points or more, we can let one hiccup change the fact that they have a stellar squad. But it does appear that this team has flaws, do they pass enough, does Mike trust his teammates, what identity do they have when their defense isn’t clicking? Captain Tariq is leading the team and so far, so good but there’s a problem when you’re getting texts for six men on the floor two out of the three games played. Expect this team to go up they won’t be number three for too long.

4. Uncle Drew 2-1: Uncle Drew take spot number four with a player like Alonzo Robinson and Saleh Ahmed you will always have a chance to win the game. There are some questions as to where Alonzo goes in the second half of games, we’ve now seen him average about 5 1/2 points in the second half of three games whereas in the first half he nearly has all his team’s points. Now that’s okay if your teammates are hitting shots but when your teammates are not, Alonzo needs to be consistent.  Otherwise it will be a lose lose situation. With Mehdi as the leagues rebounding machine this team has a chance to win every game it just comes down to making shots.

5. Bachem 1-2: And another tight spot we have Bachem led by the Cheema brothers. If this team can show up on time have all their players and run a specific system, they undoubtedly may have a top three team but without that they just find themselves sitting at the bottom of the barrel. They possibly have an MVP in Daniel Cheema but when is he going to put his head down and start to take games over rather than be the passive man that he is. We know he has a stellar three-point shot he’s got twitch fibers faster than Sonic and he can jump higher than farooq there was a dollar hanging from the ceiling. We’ve yet to see his brother step up and help but they do have a solid big man.

6. Afghan Ballers 1-2: Well, the Afghan ballers do have one thing going for them they were the first team in the league with uniforms that were in sync. Their first one now seems more like a fluke than anything, were they overhyped coming in or do they just not have the personnel to win games? With veteran and poised guys like Nafi & Haroun this team should be better in the standings than where they are. The real question is who in the world can get Shafi to see a therapist about his anger issues because he’s more concerned about that than he is the game. This team is underperforming both on and off the floor the real question is what’s going to wake them up?

7. Ogz3.0: At this point we might as well call this team Ohhhhggggggzzzzz because it is a never-ending whirlwind of complaints and finger pointing. Even with the talent they had to start the season with that which was nearly three of the top five guys in the league arguably and multiple roster changes and acceptance of restrictions they just can’t seem to figure it out. Is Kaptain Kamil so concerned with winning that is blinding his own judgment? With the likes of apron, Jamal & Brian it’s time to put up or shut up. I’d say now it’s time to have a team meeting and deliver the message that it’s either do or die at this point otherwise you’re not going to survive the CBL gauntlet.

8. Autobots: And sadly in last place we have the household name the Autobots who have yet to get a win and are sitting in the bottom of the standings at 0-3. They suffer some heartbreak losses they’ve suffered some close game losses they’ve also suffered losses without their Superstar. At the end of the day it takes more than one player to win games in CBL and they don’t show that desire or that will to win. They’ve got to figure out they want to come and play basketball, or they just want to run around for the sake of running around. Their new point guard Jonathan is a stellar player, but we need Andre to show up to right this ship otherwise good night.

Updated: October 20, 2021 — 7:11 pm
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