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CBL Retro – 10/12/21 Games – Previews, Predictions, Scores, and Recaps


G1: Panthers vs Replacements, 8pm

Preview/Prediction: The Panthers are undefeated due to their poignant shooting and tough defense. Tonight’s match-up will be a little tough as Zia and his boys seem armed with talent of their own led by the feisty Sajid and big man Ali in the paint. However, the community sees Panthers still winning. PREDICTION: Panthers 57, Replacements 50

FINAL SCORE: Replacements 48, Panthers 35 [The Replacements now find themselves as one of the hottest teams in Retro with three straight wins. Reasons for success is the Sajid — who brings the scoring and defense each week].

G2: Bricklayers vs Warriors, 9pm

Preview/Prediction: Moody and his Warriors took a loss last week despite having a leading scorer in Taco and a leading rebounder in Zak. So what gives? Warriors defense is shoddy. They don’t guard the perimeter and thier zone is very loose. Meanwhile, the Bricklayers are battle tested and organized on both sides. Their core of Imran, Junaid, and Naveed will keep them competitive in each game. This one we see Bricklayers losing though. Too much Tuesday Taco. PREDICTION: Warriors 50, Bricklayers 44.

FINAL SCORE: Bricklayers 61, Warriors 50 [Moody’s team got outclassed by the balanced and poised Bricklayers. For the Warriors, Hammad made his debut and contributed nicely in a losing effort].

G3: Tigers vs. Guardians, 10pm

Preview/Prediction: The final game will be a full team in the Tigers vs. one player – Aqib. So this should be an easy win. Right? Wrong. Our experts have realized that the Tigers also have just one player. His name is Dev. Captain Adil – shut down Dev and you got a chance. PREDICTION: Tigers 47, Guardians 42.

FINAL SCORE: Tigers 54, Guardians 52 [The Guardians made a run in the second half and nearly pulled of a great upset over the Tigers. While Aqib and Abdullah represented offensively, it was difficult to contain Dev in the paint. Ultimately the Tigers have too much experience and command to lose.]

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