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CBL30 Previews/Results 10/4/21

In this whirlwind we call life CBL, week one has come and pass.  We now are in week two and if the off-court action tells us anything, it’s going to be one heck of a season. Let’s look at the week two battles.

Game 1: 8:00 pm, Autobots (0-1) vs Bachem (0-1)

Both teams are looking for their first win in season 16 but that’s a tough & daunting task when they are missing key players. The Autobots are champs & they have been here before, so we expect captain Fahad to rally his guys and fight. The real question is who is going fly in to help Dre and Stan?

Are the Bachems a formidable opponent or just another team that the league can get a win against on any Monday night? Cheema is one heck of a baller but that alone won’t save his team from a 0-2 deficit and in a season like this every win is crucial. Last week they showed fight and heart but many questionable passes and shots were taken. Who is their second-best player or even their third best? We must wait to see. This may not be the game of the night but it’ll be close till the end. We expect the veteran Autobots to put the Bachem brothers away in the final 5 minutes in a high scoring affair. Prediction: Autobots 76-63.


Game 2: 9:00 pm, Imaan (1-0) vs Afghan Ballers (1-0)


Both teams have vets, stars and high-octane offense. The real question in this one is whose role players show up? Imaan breezed to a win last week with their stellar defense and high percentage shooting from three.  It looked as if they were in mid-season form. Mike Liander was effortlessly scoring and his guards were in the pockets of the opposite team like the ball belonged to them. If they show up with that team effort again it’ll be a long night for the opponent.

Well Nafi is back and he’s brought the Afghan nation with him to try to get the coveted CBL trophy (where’s Munir for this one) they got their first win in what was a easy opponent but looked like they were ready for anything.  Haroun and Beiber we’re firing on all cylinders so we expect them to leave there mark tonight. 

It’s going to be be a back and forth affair. The leaders of both teams must keep calm and show composure. The team with the ball at the end will be the winner in this close and contested affair.  Imaan wins this in a nail biter due to Mike Ls stellar shooting. Prediction: Imaan 76-73

FINAL SCORE: IMAAN 72, AFGHAN BALLERS 57, Mike goes for Double Double

Game 3: 10:00 pm, OGz3.0 (0-1) vs Uncle Drew (0-0)

If you know Kamil you know he won’t Kuit unless he gets what he wants and Losses aren’t those. After the beating he received the last time, roster changes have been made and friends have been lost but winning is the goal. We expect his team to come out running with Apron leading the way. The real question here is who can shoot on this team? Also, can someone get a rebound for a second chance? New team, same old Kamil!

What a time to be Saleh Ahmed. He has made friends with everyone in CBL and sure knows what to do with them. This team is built very well on paper, but will it work in person? He’s got a dynamic duo in Azal and Zo but can they coexist? Which Mehdi will show up and will he last all season? Regardless, the noise sounds like they are here to compete and we don’t expect them to back down. This will be a grind out game Uncle Drew will be too much for Kamil to hold onto. Prediction: 61-42 UD

FINAL SCORE: UNCLE DREW 71, OGz3.0 65, Zia’s squad lead a balanced attack.

Updated: October 6, 2021 — 12:21 pm
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